Qatar Opportunities Become one of the main objectives of Arsia Trade


Arsia Trade, the first marketplace Indonesia Middle East , was one of the participants in the Indonesia Expo 2019 event organized by the IBAQ (Indonesian Business Association in Qatar) sponsored by the Indonesian Embassy in Doha, Qatar at the Intercontinental Hotel The City, Doha on 17-19 November 2019.

Arsia Trade CEO Mohammad Sharif Explaining and product from its members

This event is a special exhibition for Indonesian products which was exhibited for the first time in Doha. Around 40 companies and 600 visitors attended the exhibition.

This event Arsia Trade held talks with several business entities in Qatar including with QIBC (Qatar Indonesia Business Council) president Sheikh Farhan Al Sayed to establish networks,  business information sharing and event to open up  greater business opportunities between indonesian and Qatar.

QIBC President, Sheikh Farhan Al Sayed

Sheikh Farhan Al Sayed said that Indonesia is a member of the G20 which is the largest economic power in ASEAN as well as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, which in the last 10 or 20 years the economic chart has developed very rapidly.

Therefore Sheikh Farhan said that Indonesia is very important to establish relationships with business people in Qatar or also companies in other gulf countries. And according to him, the best way to connect is to create an online business platform in the form of a website so that all businesses in Indonesia can be connected and advertise in Qatar or other gulf countries.

Sheikh Farhan saw that the creation of this online business portal would multiply the economy and trade between Indonesia and Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries.
Sheikh Farhan appreciated the Indonesia Expo 2019 exhibition which had just been held in Qatar, which had been initiated by the Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar, H E Muhammad Basri Sidehabi in collaboration with the Indonesian Business Community in Qatar (IBAQ) chaired by Mr. Nurudin.

Sheikh Farhan said that in the near future there will also be an Agricultural Technology exhibition which is expected that Indonesian entrepreneurs and companies will be able to showcase their products.

He added that a few days ago, ‘Indonesia Corner‘ was opened in a shopping center in the city of Doha to become a center for the promotion of Indonesian products and tourism.

Arsia Trade also appreciates the IBAQ (Indonesian Business Association in Qatar) as the organizer of the activity and Mr. Nurudin as the Chairperson of the Organizer who has given opportunities to Indonesian companies to be able to participate in the inaugural activities of the Indonesia Expo 2019 in Qatar, hoping that this activity can be held again next year .

Some big companies that attended the Indonesia Expo Qatar event were Gajah Tunggal, JAPFA, Garuda Food, KADIN Aceh, KADIN Indonesia and several IT companies such as Arsia Trade and Potensiana.

Qatar is a country with high economic income, supported by the world’s third-largest natural gas and oil reserves. This country is included in the highest per capita income country in the world. Qatar is classified as a country that has a very high human development index and is the best among other Arab countries, according to the International Monetary Fund, Qatar’s economic performance improved in 2018 despite an economic embargo. GDP growth is expected to increase to 2.6% in 2019 from 2.2% in 2018.

The prospect of export opportunities to Qatar is very open, arsia trade tries to explore the Qatar market through the 2019 Indonesia export exhibition held on November 16-19 yesterday.

The Qatar businesses that have entered Indonesia are the Qatar Ooredoo telecommunications company, which joins PT Indosat, and QNB (Qatar National Bank).

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