Hundreds of Saudi Companies Join Catering Tenders for Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims


Jakarta – 298 Saudi Arabian catering companies participated in a tender held by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion to provide consumption for Indonesian pilgrims for the 1440 H/2019 Hajj season.

As reported by the ministry’s official websites, Director of Hajj Service Sri Ilham Lubis said 155 catering companies registered to provide consumption in Mecca, 114 in Arafah Mina, 32 in Madinah and 1 in Jeddah.

This year, more catering companies have registered compared to last year. “Many catering companies showed high interest. It means Indonesia has more options to pick the best companies,” he said.

Sri Ilham is in Makkah to provide supervision to the haj catering service team in Saudi Arabia. They will work for 64 days from February 18-April 22, 2019. At present, the team is verifying every company that has registered. The results will determine whether the company will be chosen to serve the consumption of Indonesian pilgrims.

The selected catering company will be tasked with providing a menu of Indonesian food and traditional food menus from each province to Indonesian pilgrims. this means they have to hire chefs and buy ingredients from Indonesia.

He guarantees the tender and assessment process will be transparent. The registered-companies must pass 10 steps, including; registration, aanwijzing, offering, verification of administration, technic, and kasyfiah, assessment, capacity estimation, negotiation, assignment and contract signing.

The contract signing is going to be done earlier so that the companies have more time for preparation such as ordering ingredients from Indonesia.

Source: Arsia News

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