Indonesia Will Promote Livestock Exports to the Middle East


Indonesia will intensify exports of livestock products to the Middle East. The first target is to ensure the smooth export of Garut sheep to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This year Indonesia has started exporting Garut sheep to the rich country in the gulf region.

The exporter who managed to penetrate the UAE market was PT Inkopmar Cahaya Buana which would export 300 Garut sheep with a value of around Rp 3.04 billion. The Garut sheep (also known as Priangan sheep) is a sheep breed found in West Java, Indonesia. The breed is used primarily for ram fighting and meat. This race has a stout stature with curved big horns.

Director General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture I Ketut Diarmita said that so far the Garut sheep to be exported has fulfilled the technical requirements of animal health as evidenced by Veterinary Certificates.

“The export of Garut sheep has been declared safe by the Nursing Experts Commission. The export of Garut sheep is also in accordance with the Minister of Agriculture Regulation No. 19 of 2012, regarding the requirements for quality, seeds, livestock germs and genetic resources for animals,” said Ketut.

Veterinary Certificate is a form of government guarantee for fulfilling basic eligibility requirements in an animal health insurance system based on the results of a series of animal health examinations/tests in accordance with the requirements of the destination country.

Director of Processing and Marketing of Livestock Products at the Ministry of Agriculture Fini Murfiani said that the initial export of sheep to UAE countries proved that Indonesia has a great potential as a livestock producer.

In addition, this export also proves that Indonesia is able to fill the overseas market, so that the role of farmers is needed as producers to increase capacity. Because, if they can optimize their livestock production, the export opportunity will be even greater.

“With the opening of exports, it will encourage farmers to increase the quantity and quality of livestock that are ready for export and compete with other countries. In the future we encourage the export of goats and sheep in the form of processed meat products so that the added value will be even greater, “said Fini.

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